The Skin Prep Self Care System

The Skin Prep Self Care System

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Want beautiful skin in 3 simple steps?  Prepare your skin with the Self Care System!

Our Self Care System is the ultimate system to remove makeup and cleanse your skin.

The Self Care System includes three of our soft, large cleansing pads (versatile and re-usable), one headband (game changer) and washbag (simply wash and re-use!). 

Good for the environment (rather than disposable wipes) and good for your skin! 

3 Simple Steps...

Step one :  Simply add water to the cleansing pad (you may wish to add a favourite product)

Step two : Gently wipe face to remove makeup, cleanse or pamper

Step three : Wash and reuse the cleansing pad! Simply place in the provided washbag and throw in the machine!


Self Care System =  [3 cleansing pads] + [1 washbag] + [1 headband]